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Welcome toNorth Texas Midwives Association

Ame North, LM

Since completing my training I have not only had the pleasure of being a part of many wonderful births with women from all walks of life, but also the opportunity to work with many midwives within the DFW area. I am the only child of two only children, born and raised in Fort Worth where my life is filled with furry children and wonderful friends.


Women are amazing people. We bond through laughter, tears and friendship. Each woman has her own unique beauty and her own strength. With each of my clients I have the fortune of making new bonds. Building a trusting relationship promotes a stress free, safe and healthy delivery.


My role as your midwife is to be a good steward to your birthing experience. We do this together with education, realistic expectations and an understanding that birth is a wholly natural process that demands attention. As your midwife you receive one on one attention. I will take time at each visit to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. My experience as a midwife will not only help prepare your family for the physicality of bringing a new little one to the world, but also to help prepare you for the emotional journey that such a life changing event brings. I am of the belief that birth needs a watchful eye rather than extensive interventions. While my goal is for your birth experience to be a beautiful one, my responsibility is to monitor and intervene as necessary. The most difficult thing we as healthcare providers can do is learn that predominately, when it comes to birth, our role is to stay out of the way. Women have been delivering babies successfully without the aide of extensive technology since well….the beginning of mankind. I believe birth to be inherently safe, however my training and experience keep me prepared for those instances when assistance is needed. Together, I help you not only deliver a baby, but to deliver yourself into motherhood.


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