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Donnellyn Dominguez, LM, CPM

All About Babies Birth Center

I am a wife and mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I have always loved everything about pregnancy and birth, and especially babies...with an extraordinary passion!

I contemplated becoming a midwife most of my adult life, but for many years was under the impression that one had to have a nursing degree to pursue midwifery. Nevertheless, I have longed to work with young women in some sort of ministry. I spent much time studying and teaching Bible studies, thinking that would be the arena to fulfill that desire.

One day, after my children were grown and out of the house, my husband Chris read an article about doulas (birth coaches), and encouraged me to check it out. He said that it had my name all over it! I soon became a doula, and practiced as a hospital labor and birth coach for four years. The last girl I supported as a doula was also the mother of the first baby I caught. The hospital sent her home saying she was not in labor, and the baby was born on the bathroom floor thirty minutes after we got back to her apartment! That experience both terrified and fascinated me...I knew I had found what I wanted to do, but I needed (and wanted) much more training. My youngest son and his precious wife decided to have a home birth with their first baby. After watching them and meeting their midwife, I was sold!

That was when I began pursuing my own path to midwifery. I started by enrolling in the Association of Texas Midwives (ATM) training program. Overall, this was a two year program which included academic studies and time as an apprentice. After the completion of the ATM program, I passed the North American Registry of Midwives licensure exam, qualifying me as a Certified Professional Midwife and also as a Licensed Midwife in Texas.

Fast forward to today...I am blessed to now own a beautiful little birth center in Argyle, Texas, with several other professionals. I am thrilled to confess that the Lord has allowed my passion to become my profession. My heart for our clients is not only to help them to have a perfect pregnancy, a lovely labor, and a beautiful birth, but to help enrich their lives in other areas, as well! We offer educational classes on organic food, natural products, homeopathic remedies, exercise, natural birth, and so much more! I pray those we serve will have a healthier, happier family because of the time they spend with All About Babies.

Bless you!!



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