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Hannah Davis, LM, CPM


Hey there! I am Hannah Davis. I grew up the middle of five children. It was a crazy life sometimes but I am so thankful for it. I have a deep love for babies - once I get one in my arms, good luck getting them back! I have an amazing husband, Levi. who is so supportive and probably knows more about childbirth than he ever thought he would! We had our first baby, a precious baby girl, born at home in the water summer 2019! Most importantly, though, is my relationship with Jesus. His love and grace makes this life worth living; and truly is involved in every miraculous step of pregnancy and childbirth.

My journey with midwifery began as a very young girl. At the age of 4 I experienced my first home birth with the delivery of my younger brother by two amazing midwives. Through the years I had different opportunities to experience birth in out of hospital settings not knowing that it would eventually become my career. In January 2015 I officially began my apprenticeship with Ann Crowell, CPM, LM. She instilled a love for birth in me and a passion for personal maternity care. In August of 2016 Ann unexpectedly passed away. While I couldn't imagine finishing my training or practicing midwifery without her I wanted to carry on her legacy more than anything. Thankfully Michele Massey, CPM, LM took me under her wing and imparted her knowledge to me as I finished my apprenticeship. In the past couple of years I have attended over 200 births and acted as primary in over 50 of those. I have had the honor of delivering my own sisters babies and walked through this journey with multiple friends.

Natural birth outside of the hospital was a very normal way of childbirth to me. I have always been amazed by the intricate, well-designed process of pregnancy and delivery... from the little tiny flicker of a heartbeat in those first 6 weeks to the sweet cry of a newborn baby being put to his mom's chest. A miracle. Every single time. 

I believe that the birth of your baby is sacred. I believe that the environment in which you deliver your baby is important. I believe that you and your partner should have the opportunity to educate yourself and make choices on where and how that happens. I believe that dads are a valuable part in the whole process and should be included in whatever capacity you as a couple desire.

It is truly a joy to walk through this journey with each and every family.

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