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Kaitlyn Wages, LM, CPM

Origins Birth Center

My journey to becoming a midwife actually began while I was a Pre-Med student with a focus in Obstetrics and Gynecology in college. I met my husband, got married, and became pregnant soon after, and realized quickly that I wouldn't be attending medical school anytime soon. (the Lord clearly had other plans for me than I had for myself!) I gave birth in early 2008, and experienced a traumatic birth in a hospital setting. I spent my first several months postpartum gravely ill from an infection I received while in the hospital. My infection was directly related to having an epidural, so with my subsequent pregnancies, I knew I wanted something completely different. I set out on a path different from what I had known, and I chose to have a homebirth with a midwife and doula, and it was an incredible and life-changing experience. It was clear the Lord was changing my path from medical care for women throughout their pregnancy and birth to holistic care through midwifery. My experience fueled my passion for natural birth and I began serving women as a doula, knowing that my path was to eventually become a midwife, and help women achieve gentle births for their babies and themselves. I believe my experience as a doula forged my ability to connect with women and attend to their specific needs and desires for birth, both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I purposefully chose to become a doula prior to beginning my midwifery apprenticeship because I believe deeply that learning how to connect with women during the most intimate and sacred moments of their life would help me become the kind of midwife I knew that I wanted to be. I received my national accreditation in June 2014, and my state license shortly after.

In August 2014, I opened Origins Birth and Wellness Collective in Keller, TX with Gina Phillips, CPM, LM. We see our clients out of our beautiful birth center and do many home births and birth center births as well. Through my personal experiences of giving birth, both in the hospital setting and at home, as well as medicated and un-medicated; accompanied with having attended 350+ births, I feel I have a unique ability to relate to all women no matter their birth desires or outcome. Midwifery is my God-given ministry, my calling, and my passion.






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