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Welcome toNorth Texas Midwives Association

Kristine Tawater, LM, CPM

Urban Family Midwifery

I am a wife & mother of 5, all naturally born , 3 of them at home into the hands of midwives. I started out my journey as a DONA certified birth doula in 2003 until I began midwifery training in 2009. 


I am a licensed midwife in the State of Texas & owner of Dallas Birth Center. I received my academic education through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program . I was in an active apprenticeship with 4 different midwives & one Dallas birth center where the art of midwifery care was passed to me by some of the best midwives around! .I graduated from ATM in September of 2011 and received my license in early 2012. 


In short, I believe in birth and I believe in mothers ability to give birth. I believe that midwives are the guardians of normal birth for low risk women and work hard to make sure the mothers in my care have safe, healthy pregnancies and powerful, restorative births. My care philosophy is simple. You are in charge of your birth and I am your guide, teaching you and showing you where to collect evidenced based information to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby.


I have a thriving home birth practice and work in a Co-op style office that includes onsite chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy for women's health issues and a family photography studio.


The Urban Family Co-Op offices on Main Street in Dallas, TX  75226.


Main Street
Dallas, TX 75226






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