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Introducing our Midwifery Members

Our members all practice independently. Please click through and read more about them and their practice philosophy. Each Midwife Member has their contact information listed, please contact them directly as they are happy to answer any questions and tell you more about their practice.

Roxanne Anderson, LM, CPM, IBCLC

Home Birth Midwife


I first became a midwife in 1989, right here in DFW. During my training in the 1980s, I had the privilege of a traditional apprenticeship in Texas with many senior midwives who were pioneers in this state and the nation. Watching their intuitive and natural style of attending women based on years of experience, I quickly developed my own appreciation of the natural childbirth process as God created it, and the amazing ability of women to deliver their babies when given the right information and support.  [more]

Molly Germash, LM

Heart's Desire Midwifery Care


I am an enthusiastic Midwife with over 20 years of experience. I am dedicated to providing customized care and I attract a wide variety of clientele – from local women thrilled to have their dream midwife so close by, to those coming from far and wide, including out of state and even out of the country.


I am best known for doing a great job for women who have special needs.  [more]


Terry Gyde, LM, CPM

Born2BaBlessing Birth Center


My name is Terry Gyde. I am married to a wonderfully faithful man. God has blessed us with 5 children and 15 grandchildren that were all born to be a blessing!  My own births were each different and challenging in their own ways. They included forceps, an epidural, a c-section with my twins, an all natural VBAC, a miscarriage and a full-term loss. This personal history has given me great compassion and experience to help woman in many different circumstances.. [more]

Danielle Hogan, LM, CPM


My name is Danielle Hogan.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  I am privileged to offer both birth center and home birth.


 If you were to ask me when did your love for birth begin; I would have to say it has always been.  The Lord planted a love for birth in my DNA. [more]

Cori Lively, LM, CPM

Barefoot Midwifery


My name is Cori Lively.  I am a midwife serving all of Dallas & surrounding areas. I specialize in homebirth services and blending the art of traditional midwifery with current research to provide safe care.  I feel that my presence is not to direct you in your care and choices, but instead to walk beside you on your journey. Whether I am checking your blood pressure, feeling the baby’s position, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, educating you on natural health, or going over optimal nutrition with you, I want you to feel free to ask questions, learn, question some more, and be in charge of your experience.[more]

Donna Miller, LM, CPM

Grapevine Birthing Center


I have had the privilege of being with families as they birth their babies for the past 38 years, attending approximately 3000 births.  I am a staff midwife at Grapevine Birthing Center offering both birth center and home birth options.   I have met many wonderful families and have seen women find their strength in giving birth completely naturally. What a joy it is to be involved with women as they labor, knowing that out of their hard work will come such satisfaction! [more]


Karen Quigley, LM, CPM

Burgeon Midwifery & Women's Health


I have  30 years experience in  maternal health.  I began my journey as a childbirth educator ,Doula and Birth assist and today I am CPM, LM and IBCLC.
"The simple heart of my practice is to give skilled, compassionate and comprehensive care for Mother, Babe, and family ." 



Bethany Stricker, LM, CPM

Bethany Stricker Midwifery


Bethany Stricker is a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife in Texas. Her goal is to bring personal, safe, holistic care to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Many women go through the birthing process without a full understanding of what their care providers are recommending for their bodies and their babies.. [more]

Becky Thorp, LM, CPM, CCE

Family Birth Services


My name is Becky Thorp. Being born at home myself, midwifery was a familiar subject in my family. I have always had a love for babies and a heart for serving women and families. I am a licensed midwife in Texas, a Certified Professional midwife (certified by the North American Registry of Midwives, and a certified doula and childbirth educator (certified through Charis Childbirth).


Ashley Vann, LM, CPM

Fort Worth Midwifery


My journey to becoming a midwife began when the birth of my first child at a local hospital left me heartbroken and traumatized. I had been in school to become a nurse and decided that was not what I wanted any longer. So I became a Doula and then later started my midwifery training. During midwifery school I became pregnant with my second child and had a redemptive home birth with a midwife. [more]

Kim Watkins LM, CPM

A Blessed Birth Midwifery

Midwives are the experts in normal birth, and combine time honored traditional skills with the most current evidence based practices for the healthiest and most satisfying experience possible. Midwives have been trusted healers in their communities' world wide for thousands of years and excel at making this welcoming time for a new child a safe, family centered event of joy and blessing, weaving the threads of hope and new life into the fabric of your current family. We understand that birth and parenting are transformative experiences! It is my great joy to walk this journey with the families I am privileged to serve. [more]

Margie Wallis, LM, CPM

Frisco Birth and Midwifery


Preparing for the birth of your baby can be overwhelming and a bit scary.  I love to join expectant families on the adventure, and help them birth confidently.  Birthing in your home or our birth center is both safe and satisfying as we provide care customized to your unique needs and preferences.  . (more)

Lisa Thomas Welch, LM, CPM

Family Birth Services


Every new mom has lots of questions! I love explaining the different options and concepts intrinsic to maternity care, thereby giving you the opportunity to make a truly informed decision. Understanding that every woman’s needs are as individual as the baby she carries, I endeavor to offer an experience blending both competent care and personal courtesy. I especially delight in serving women expecting their first baby or planning their first out-of-hospital birth! Watching the hand of God in my client’s lives as they walk through this new and amazing journey is a tremendous blessing to me.. (more)

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