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Danielle Hogan, LM, CPM

Danielle Hogan Holistic Midwifery Care



 My name is Danielle Hogan.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  I am privileged to offer both birth center and home birth.


If you were to ask me "when did your love for birth begin?"; I would have to say it has always been.  The Lord planted a love for birth in my DNA.  The first birth I ever attended was at the age of 16.  After the birth of my second child in 1993 I began doing "birth work".  I worked for several years as a midwife assistant as well as a doula.  From 1995-2000 I followed this path.  For a season, as my children grew, I waited for the time to pursue birth work again. 


I have 5 children with different birth experiences.  Three of my children were born in an out of hospital setting.


I believe birth is a normal process and providing holistic maternity care, which will include all routine lab work, nutritional counseling, prenatal care, and evidence based educational resources.  I strongly encourage family centered care.  Your partner as well as children are encouraged to attend your prenatal appointments.


For more details regarding my services please see my website at:




My email is Daniellehoganmidwife@gmail.com

My phone number is 817.584.5599

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