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Donna Miller, LM, CPM

I have had the privilege of being with families as they birth their babies for the past 38 years, attending approximately 3000 births.  I am a staff midwife at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center, doing both birth center and home births.   I have met many wonderful families and have seen women find their strength in giving birth completely naturally. What a joy it is to be involved with women as they labor, knowing that out of their hard work will come such satisfaction!


I first became interested in Midwifery while working as a Labor and Delivery nurse in a hospital in Irving. I loved my job, but became convinced that things should and could be done differently to make birth a more positive experience for families. I felt strongly that laboring women should be treated with more respect and kindness as they worked to give birth, and that mothers should be allowed – even encouraged to bond with their babies in those wonderful first moments after birth. The Lord provided a good training ground for me in those years – both in what to do and what not to do!


When I left the hospital setting to begin this journey, a whole new world of alternative methods unfolded before me - herbs, chiropractic care, homeopathy, and massage to name a few. Even something as basic as nutrition was new to me, and this became the foundation in my practice for healthy mothers and babies.

After working out of my home office for many years, I began working at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center. I enjoy having the companionship of the other Midwives, some of whom I have helped educate as they apprenticed with me.


I have never doubted that Midwifery is the call of God on my life. I became a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior in 1980 and have seen Him work miracles in the birthing process. He has changed my life and become my provider, protector, my source of joy and of hope. I cannot imagine life without Him.

Even though each birth is wonderful, the five that stand out the most are the births of my five grandchildren. To know that my daughters trusted their bodies and me was such an awesome experience for me! I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be the first one to touch each of these beautiful children!




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